The stress-free way to help kids focus and complete tasks in a timely manner.


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By playing with and racing against Kazu the adventurous husky puppy, your children can see, hear and feel time in an intuitive way, while having fun.

“When I first tried out KazuTime…I said to myself, ‘Is this just an animated timer?’ BUT THEN WE TRIED IT OUT!”
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If your kids love pets, they might like to play with Kazu and his friends while performing daily tasks.
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Unlike basic timers with abstract displays, KazuTime illustrates and teaches time passing through its star puppy in an interactive and entertaining way. Layered with multiple cues that show time elapsing, KazuTime makes it easy for children to understand how time works.

Interactive and entertaining timer to show duration of time left

Timer relieves children of anxiety by notifying them of how much time is left, regulating behavior and reducing negative reactions.

KazuTime allows children to better anticipate the end of a task, reducing anxiety associated with having to complete sometimes difficult tasks in a given timeframe. Recognizing the conclusion of an activity also helps kids regulate their behavior and reduce negative reactions.

Expert Approved by educators and therapists
KazuTime was created by professional educators & therapists seeking to increase the focus and concentration needed for optimum learning in children.

Parent recommend the app for teaching kids
Parents love how the app teaches kids to gauge time and still have fun at the same time!

Safe and Secure, locking ability to make purchases to only allow parents to purchase upgrades.
KazuTime is ad-free and all purchases are behind a parent lock, so your child can safely use the app without accidental costs.

Kid tested for fun and productivity.
Kids really enjoy all the friends to choose from, and how it makes simple tasks much more fun!

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What people say about Kazutime

Use this with my little cousin and he couldn’t wait to beat Kazu! I like how easy it is to use the app and how you can customize certain parts like which dog you choose. The app also runs smoothly and I like how it shows how many stars each character has collected.



Kazutime nanny testimonial

Kazu is a lot of fun! I really like Mily. She’s my favorite. And I like uploading my own pictures and picking a color. KazuTime is also really helpful, because I don’t have to ask mom how many more minutes I have left. Unless my mom has the tablet.


Child - 8yr

Kazutime kid testimonial

I had my daughter and friend use this for their homework time and they loved it! They were excited about which friend to choose, and it helped get them to refocus on their task throughout the 20 min in which they were supposed to complete it.



Kazutime parent testimonial

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