Kazu Adventures

With Kazu Adventures, your child learns the value of responsibility by taking care of Kazu, the lovable Husky puppy, while learning with 5 fun, curriculum-based mini games!

KAZUTIME for kids time management iOS and Android Downloads


The fun way for kids to complete tasks while improving focus, productivity, and concentration.
KAZUTIME for kids time management iOS and Android Downloads


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Why Kazutime?


Kazutime puts the FUN in getting things DONE! Kazutime makes time management interactive, helping kids better gauge the amount of time it takes to complete their tasks.

Expert Approved

KazuTime was created by professional educators & therapists seeking to increase the focus and concentration needed for optimum learning in children.

Parent Recommended

Parents love how the app teaches kids to gauge time and still have fun at the same time!

Safe and Secure

KazuTime is ad-free and all purchases are behind a parental gate, so your child can safely use the app without causing accidental costs.

Kid Tested

Kids really enjoy all the friends to choose from, and how it makes simple tasks much more fun!

Animal Relationships

Studies show thatĀ animals play a positive role in children’s cognitive and emotional development. KazuTime offers round-the-clock access to digital furry friends.


Kids are motivated to run along with their furry friends. Parents and teachers love how the app makes homework and daily routines easy and peaceful.

Fun & Focused

Kid’s earn shooting stars as a reward for finishing tasks on time, providing parents and educators with a tool to positively reinforce good behavior.

Time Management

Being able to see the amount of time remaining can help teach children basic time management skills that are enhanced each time the app is used.

What people are saying about Kazutime

This is a terrific app for kids who have difficulty getting things done on time, or who need low-stress time reminders to complete their tasks. My five year old now finishes tasks much faster, and is much less distracted during the process.



Usually getting the kids to brush their teeth involves a battle of wills, but INSTANTLY they were racing cartoon puppies Kazu and his friend Millie to get their teeth brushed (exactly as I told them to!) before the pups could sled down to their igloo. A+!



My preschoolers use KazuTime for their assignments and they absolutely love it! The kids always get excited about which time-champion to choose, and it really helps to them stay focused. The shooting stars are a great way to reward them!