From the makers of KazuTimes, comes a new and unique experience in learning. KazuAdventures will enrich your child’s learning with an expert approach.



Kazu Adventures

Kazu Adventures, the latest addition to KazuTime, is an interactive app experience that teaches children the responsibility of caring for a pet while also teaching basic math and reading skills in a fun way.

Now, for the first time, children can interact with Kazu the lovable husky puppy as their own pet, taking care of his daily needs while learning with 5 curriculum-based mini-games. Children learn to care for Kazu by giving him plenty of food, fun and rest, and can track their progress with Kazu’s indicator bars while voiceover prompts guide them to their next activity.

While caring for Kazu is great, the fun doesn’t stop there! Your child will learn as they take Kazu on the following adventures:

  • Kazu at the veterinarian
  • Bath Time
  • Playtime at the park
  • Kazu at the store


Product features

  • 5 curriculum-based game themes (bath time, the park, the vet, the store, at home)
  • Children learn to care for Kazu, the husky puppy, while learning!
  • Children learn mathematics, spelling, and reading comprehension
  • Available in easy, medium and hard modes
  • Voiceover commands instruct children about what actions to take
  • Children collect “bones” for Kazu when they complete all levels successfully