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“KazuTime will help young children gain a better understanding of the passage of time, and may assist them with developing the self-control required to wait for anticipated events. It is also useful for timing activities that parents wish to have continued for a specific amount of time, such as brushing teeth or cleaning a room.”

Sandra – Best Apps For Kids

KazuTime Review

How much longer? Are we there yet? How long do I have to do this? These are all very familiar questions for parents. One of the most difficult concepts for children to grasp is the passing of time. If tell your child 30 minutes you may as well say 60 minutes because they will have no idea what you mean anyway!

Monica – The iPhone Mom

KazuTime app for Android Review

“KazuTime for Android is an interactive, educational app that teaches kids about the concept of time. Layered with multiple cues that show time elapsing, KazuTime makes it easy for children to understand how time works.”

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Kids Learn about Time with KazuTime

“KazuTime is a very cool new app designed teach kids about the concept of time. It’s specifically for children 3-8 years old and uses an animated husky puppy named Kazu to get the job done.”

John Chau – Android App Reviews

Kazutime App

“This is a terrific app for kids who have difficulty understanding the passage of time or who need low-stress time reminders to complete tasks.”

Common Sense Media

2travellingtots Review: Kazutime

“KazuTime was founded by Karine Pepin and Barbara Wichmann who after having worked extensively with children ‘recognised the importance of structure and the power of fun in the daily lives of young kids’.”

2 Travelling Tots

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