The need for structure and routines when it comes to childhood development isn’t new, however, thanks to COVID-19, it is increasingly important. In 2020, children were forced out of classrooms and into online learning environments and suddenly, an average day looked completely different. Some children have been able to return to school, but summer vacation means that structure will fall away again.

Here is why it is important to keep some structure year-round.

Routines offer children a sense of security

The world’s constant changes can make even the most grounded adults uneasy and for little ones, small changes often feel much more significant. There will always be things out of your child’s control, but it will be easier to adjust if they’re feeling stable in the other parts of their lives.

Structure = Confidence + Initiative

When you follow a schedule every day, doing what you need to do becomes second nature. The same applies to your little humans. By creating a routine, your teaching your child how to productively go about their day and helping them develop a sense of self-discipline.
Eventually, they’ll grow more comfortable and confident in themselves and begin taking on their tasks without constant reminders. Studies have also shown that children who participate in family routines may be better at socializing and staying focused in the classroom.

It is important to stay flexible

The truth is children benefit when structure is available most of the time, but not all the time. Frankly, there are times when sticking to the plan just doesn’t work out and too much structure could limit spontaneity and creativity. A routine should not be uncompromising when holidays or spontaneous life events occur.
Additionally, giving children a complicated schedule straight away is a bad idea.

Telling time matters

When you have 10 minutes to do something, you know what “10 minutes” means. Does your child?
Time can be a difficult concept to get a grasp on – that’s why Kazutime exists. Once your child understands the concept of time, you can incorporate a proper schedule into their lives. Learn more about the app here, or download it from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

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