“Having been a Kindergarten teacher, I was often asked ‘how can I prepare my child for their school career?’” said retired teacher Juanita Baker. “My answer was simple — read to them.”

There is no shortage of evidence supporting the importance of children reading. Research has shown time and time again that reading to children assists with their cognitive development, relationship building skills and understanding of empathy. Additionally, children who read and are read to generally have an easier time concentrating, higher levels of creativity and more advanced vocabularies.

“Reading every day or night will reward your child with an opportunity to a better life,” Mrs. Baker said.

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Beyond the developmental impact, reading with your littles will lead to moments they’ll never forget.

“I still have the fondest memories of my father reading to myself and my siblings, and when he closed the book at the end of the story — ‘read it again, Daddy,’” because at that time it was the only book we owned,” she said.

Laurie Ruff created a tradition with her children that has carried on to her sixth-grade classroom. When her kids were growing up, the family would read a few chapters of Harry Potter. Now, she reads the series with her students each year.

“I like how it shows good prevailing over evil,” she said. “I also read how to Beat the Bully without Trying. Again it shows how good prevails. Both show the value of friendship as well. I do a compare and contrast.”

Once your child falls in love with reading, you may start running out of titles to pick up. We asked around and had a number of great books suggested to us. Here they are, along with some of our favorites!

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