The KazuTime™ team is excited to team up with Anand Bhatt to help get kids in the habit of exercising!

KazuTime is helping to make fitness fun for kids! Download KazuTime on a smartphone, iPad or tablet from iTunes, Amazon or Google Play and have kids dance, jump, & play to fun songs from “Fit Kids, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids” by Anand Bhatt. KazuTime works by helping kids focus on the task at hand—in this case, exercise time!

Download a free limited version of “Fit Kids, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids” below. The whole album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.

About Anand Bhatt:

Anand Bhatt is the first Indian-American to walk the Latin Grammy red carpet. He is recognized for his signature “Latindian Style” [Latin+Indian] music and as a pioneer in the Tropical Fusion genre.  He is also known for his contributions to celebrity health and fitness with his book Rock Star Recipes and his Children’s Fitness Album Fit Kids, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids.  Anand has been seen on CNN, E!, FOX, Univision, Telemundo and alongside Romeo Santos, Queen Latifah, Steven Tyler, Gerardo Ortiz and more. Last but not least, he is a proud uncle and has partnered with KazuTime™ to help motivate kids to sustain a healthy lifestyle!

You can sample Anand Bhatt’s music on iTunes and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.