Does KazuTime use analytics or tracking?

At KazuTime, we take privacy very seriously. We use analytics to help us understand how the app is being used and how we can make it better. These analytics do NOT take any personally identifying information (PII) such as location, email address, IP address, etc.

Which platforms can use the app?

KazuTime may be used on the iPad, iPhone devices and most Android smartphones and tablets. Our app has been tested thoroughly, but sometimes compatibility issues arise due to the large number of different phones and tablets on the market.

If using a specialty kid’s tablet, be careful about downloading apps from stores other than that tablet’s own app store. While you can usually download apps from Amazon or Google Play, compatibility issues may arise because children’s tablets run modified versions of Android.

Does KazuTime require an internet connection?

KazuTime does not require an internet connection once it has been downloaded.

If KazuTime accidentally gets deleted, do I have to re-purchase it?

Nope! If you accidentally delete an app you can re-download it for free. Just make sure to log in with the same Apple, Google Play or Amazon account used to purchase the app.

If I buy the KazuTime app on my IPAD/IPhone device, will I have to re-purchase it to use it on an Android device?

Purchases are linked to the store you bought them from, so you will need to re-purchase the app if you go from Apple to Android or vis-a-versa.

What educational elements are being taught through KazuTime?

KazuTime accelerates the development of time perception and helps children improve their focus and concentration, which is needed for optimum learning.

Is KazuTime available in other languages?

Yes. KazuTime is available in French, Spanish, German, and English.

Is my child too young/too old for KazuTime?

KazuTime is intended for children 3-8 years old.

Getting help using the “I” button

If you have questions regarding the use of the KazuTime app, tapping the “I” button on the top right of app screen helps to find relevant information.

Explain the use of Themes

KazuTime features delightful play scenes or themes that you can select from. Using different themes is fun; it enriches the adventurous experience while your child completes tasks.


Each theme displays a clear beginning and an end of a task. As time elapses, your child sees Kazu moving towards the set goal, reaching the other side of the lake for example. This allows children to visual pace themselves as it helps gauging the time needed to successfully complete a task.


The default theme is an Arctic adventure theme where Kazu tries to reach his igloo on the other side of the water, however, Forest and Beach themes with enticing animations, fun backgrounds and entertaining characters are easily available from within the app via Apple’s safe In-App Purchase. To purchase a new theme, select a landscape that shows a lock icon; you only need to purchase once and the KazuTime app will automatically remember your purchase. There is no need to unlock it again.

Customize tasks - use photos that are already on your phone, or use the built-in camera.

It is fun to customize tasks. For example, you can your pictures from your photo library or take a new picture with built-in camera. Tap ‘Create your Own’ from the Choose a Task screen, just add a photo, and a descriptive title to the name the task and you’re ready to go.

What are the calculations/table and how to use it?

When you tap on the “Gear” button icon, at the bottom right of your screen a “calculator” style window pops up. This is a Parental Gate. It is a precautionary mechanism that prevents children from accessing outbound links from within the KazuTime app, such as In-App Purchases, for example.  This simple “calculator” style mechanism is set up for you, the Parent, to resolve the challenge and allow access to outbound links, such as In-App Purchases and Settings.

Reward System

How do you set up the Reward in the first place?

You collect three stars when completing a task on time. A reward score counter counts the number of shooting stars that have been collected with each completed task. At the end of a completed task a musical fanfare will sound. You can switch the sound on/off and/or choose vibration alerts to indicate the total elapsed time. In addition, the sound will also chime every elapsed quarter to help your child keeping track of the time.

How do you score?

Upon completing your task on time you get three stars. When you finish a task early, before the set time, you get an extra bonus star. Simply tap on “Done” when the task is completed and collect the extra bonus. The total score will be shown on the Rewards Board. To access the Rewards Board simply tap on the red Star icon on the KazuTime opening screen in the top left.

Nothing happens if you hit reset?

On the Reward Board is a Reset icon right next to the score numbers readout. When you tap on this little icon, an alert will show and ask: “Are you sure you want to reset the rewards for this character?” When you tap Reset, the score for this character will be set to zero. If you cancel, it will retain the displaced score value.

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