There’s no doubt that we live in challenging and uncertain times, leaving many parents concerned about how it is affecting their kids. Whether you are able to work from home or riding out the storm, there are many challenges to overcome, especially for families with young children. The most important thing for us to do is focus on the positive during this COVID-19 era and help our kids come to terms with a changing world. They need help processing and dealing with a situation that is beyond their control. Here are some interesting articles and resources for kids:

  • The Child Mind Institute offers an informative article which offers tips for nurturing and protecting children at home. From sticking to existing routines to limiting consumption of news, this article gives some great advice. Finding it difficult to stick to your usual schedule? Download the educational apps KazuTime and Kazu Adventures which help establish and maintain regular routines, especially around bath time, bedtime, brushing teeth and doing homework, among many other valuable life skills.
  • The CDC has provided a comprehensive guide on talking with children about the Coronavirus Disease 2019. Not only does it give valuable tips on how to talk to your kids about the subject, it also provides important facts that can dispel myths and misinformation.
  • Recognizing that children may find social distancing and shelter-in-place orders bewildering and stressful, the World Health Organization has produced this colorful chart offering parents practical advice on helping children cope with stress during the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • com has created a list of 250 creative ways to keep your family sane during the COVID-19 crisis. Ranging from games and activities to tips on schooling at home, this article has a lot of relevant information for you.
  • Parents need help too! Yale Medicine offers 8 tips for working from home with kids during COVID-19. Whether it’s setting routines and scheduling time for your kids or being mindful of how you talk about the pandemic around them, this article is a great read.

Studies have shown that maintaining regular schedules and predictable activities, even in times of change and stress, can greatly benefit children, providing them with a sense of security and normalcy. Ensure your family’s peace of mind with KazuTime and Kazu Adventures, apps that have been created by professional educators and therapists to help increase the focus and concentration needed for optimum learning in children.