This week, we had the pleasure of reviewing a fun product for children called Cozyphones. Cozyphones is a functional and fun alternative to standard earbuds or headphones, and kids absolutely love them.

If your children uses a mobile device, you likely know that there are very few options on the market for child-sized earbuds or headphones. Most earphones are adult-sized and constructed of hard plastic, and children typically experience pain or discomfort while using them. Enter Cozyphones, the soft fleece headsets that are fun and functional.

Cozyphones integrates a set of wired earphones into a plush headband that is designed to look like adorable animal characters (there are 7 designs to choose from including: Unicorn, Monster, Panda, Purple Frog, Fox, Cat, and Pink Bunny). Cozyphones fit on the head like a normal headband, allowing the integrated earphones to sit comfortably beside the ears while providing a warm, cozy head covering.

Cozyphones are great for use at home and especially during travel. If you’re planning on taking a road trip or flight with the kids, this is ideal solution to keep them calm, engaged, and comfortable while using a mobile device.

My niece, Lilly, used the Cozyphones headphones provided for us in this review, and she absolutely loves them. The unicorn design is cute and fun (she named the unicorn Daisy), and she even was able to comfortably take a nap with them while listening to soothing music.

Cozyphones feature a sturdy, braided cord that does not twist or tangle as well as a solid, high-quality headphone jack. The design of the headband is very soft and lightweight, and the earbuds are easily removable to allow for easy cleaning. When setting up your Cozyphones for the first time, simply adjust the placement of the earbuds to the desired location within the headband, and you’re good to go! The seams are well constructed, so they’ll surely hold up to frequent use.

Cozyphones is great as a gift for children ages 3-12. As with any headphones or earbuds, be sure to teach children how to set appropriate audio levels in addition to monitoring usage to make sure they’re listening at safe volumes. Additionally, be sure to monitor toddlers’ use of the Cozyphones audio cord to be sure they are safe.

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